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Characteristic of CoinCasso Blockchain

1. Why we are using blockchain technology in our system? That is because we have been always focused on the transparency and transparency of the stock market, from the beginning we designed our stock market as a product that stands out on the market. The time has come to explain what “hybridity” will look like on our stock exchange. Simply…

Trade with CoinCasso – Rules!

So as we said, we prepared for you a trading contest. The main awards will be the most innovative gadgets and more! Below you can find any details: Trade with CoinCasso! Complete the highest number of transactions in the BTC/PLN pair and win prizes! The number of transactions made is what counts, not the volume! Apple iPhone 11, Apple iPhone…

CoinCasso Double Newsletter 28 & 29

CoinCasso Double Newsletter – Episode 28 & 29

Those weeks were full of very exciting info & news! We are happy we can boast of it in our weekly newsletter! At first, we would like to apologise for missing last week newsletter. However, during that time we were pretty busy making new business contacts and strengthen the bond with the current ones. So! Let’s start to sum up…

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How to get 20% of bonus CCX tokens?

1. Open the account. 2. Get through the KYC process. 3. Buy bitcoin for EUR or PLN on our cryptocurrency exchange. 4. Transfer your money from our exchange on 5. Buy CCX tokens by possessed bitcoins. 6. You will get 20% bonus tokens for doing above till the 18th of November 2019 included.

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Maltese baggage of… contacts, which is AIBC in a nutshell

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit in November 2019 was the greatest, the biggest European event dedicated to issues like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Among over 6000 attendances could not miss almost 20 people CoinCasso delegation. It was a time of intensive work as well as a priceless exchange of opinions and contacts. AIBC Summit on Malta took 2 days:…

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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode XXVII

Another week passed surprisingly quickly. It’s been a busy couple of days, during which we were mostly focused on preparing ourselves to Malta AIBC Summit trip. The event will take place in a few days! Furthermore, we were developing our Facebook chatbot. By way of weekly conclusion, we would like to inform that we sold almost 150 000 CCX tokens…

CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode XXVI

The last week past really quickly. It is the highest time, to sum up! It was an amazing time, spent, to a large extension, on bringing up last Friday. 1. We extended the time to buy tokens for only 2,5$! 2. CoinCasso Grand Opening – photo relation On Friday, an absolutely amazing, long-awaited event, which was CoinCasso Grand Opening took…

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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode XXV

What a week! Full of surprises, plot twists and excitement! You are more than welcome to read our newsletter! 1. Check out how many tokens we have sold since launching beta version of CoinCasso 2.0 Since CoinCasso 2.0 BETA version started we sold close to 15 500 CCX tokens and our community already froze almost 2 257 885 CCX tokens…

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CoinCasso Newsletter – part XXIV

This week was full of very exciting info & news! We are happy we can boast of it in our weekly newsletter! 1. We created a video tutorial how to log in to CoinCasso 2.0 Here we come with a brand new tutorial video, which should help you register and log in to your CoinCasso 2.0 account! 2. CoinCasso 1.0…