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10 interesting facts about cryptocurrency exchanges!

How much do cryptocurrency exchanges earn? Which cryptocurrency exchange was the first? Who is “BearWhale”? What happened with… Magic the Gathering cryptocurrency exchange, and where is Binance moving its servers? Check out some of the most interesting facts about cryptocurrency exchanges below: A cryptocurrency exchange from Top 10 earns about $62M per month on average Exchange platforms generate a profit…

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10 celebrities involved in crypto!

Have you ever thought about what celebrities, including multimillionaires, artists, and sportsmen think about cryptocurrencies? Are any of them interested in this modern form of currency? It turns out that definitely yes! Below we have described 10 famous people who have invested in cryptocurrencies or have become involved in their advertising campaigns. Let’s go! Mike Tyson Source: Lintao Zhang/Getty The…

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top women in cryptocurrency blockchain industry list

Top 7 most influential women in the blockchain industry!

Although the cryptocurrency market is dominated by men, women also play a significant role in it. We have chosen seven most-influential women of the blockchain industry! See the list below (the order does not matter): Amber Baldet @AmberBaldet Amber Baldet was called one of the most influential people in blockchain 2017 by CoinDesk. Until April 2018, she was Executive Director…

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top 10 signs addicted crypto funny meme insta

Top 10 signs that you are addicted to crypto!

How often do you think about cryptocurrencies? Do you constantly check prices, news, blogs, and social media? Do you analyze the price of Bitcoin even while driving a car? Here are ten signs that you’re addicted to cryptocurrencies! You start the day by checking CoinMarketCap Are you a crypto passionate and you do not check the CoinMarketCap ranking at least…

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