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CoinCasso Newsletter 37

CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 37

Another busy week is behind us! Creating content, team meetings and planning the next weeks – we invite you to read the new newsletter. Brainstorm On Wednesday we met in the company CoinCasso. We discussed the most important issues planned for the coming weeks. New ideas and solutions – we are constantly trying to develop and change for you! Social…

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CoinCasso Newsletter 36

CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 36

This week, the most important event was the announcement of the official results of the Christmas Trading Challenge! In addition, we developed content in social media – this week we were also active. We invite you to read our weekly newsletter. The best final On December 7, we announced the official results of the Christmas Trading Challenge. In our challenge…

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coincasso newsletter espisode 35

CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 35

On December 30, we finished the Christmas Trading Challenge! We have established cooperation with interesting influencers of the crypto world! We were also preparing for Christmas and New Year! – All this has been happening recently in the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange community. Read our new newsletter! Grand Final! On December 30, we ended the Christmas Trading Challenge. On the same…

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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 34

Great Christmas Trading Challenge dominated the ending week in CoinCasso! The new contest has already started and is becoming more and more popular worldwide. But that’s not all what happened this week in our CoinCasso crypto exchange platform society. Read our weekly newsletter! Win iPhones, Apple Watches or MacBook! 15 prizes, including iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5, iPhone 8 and…

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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 33

Presence at the prestigious London industry conference, sending first prizes to the winners of the trading contest and numerous activities in social media – as always, we have not been idle this week. Click for details! CoinCasso CEO in London Leading the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange Luke Ozimski actively participated this week in London’s Battle of the Quants Big Data conference,…

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CoinCasso Newsletter 32

CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 32

Another busy week is over, full of events and activities of the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange. Read what has happened round “at our house” in the last days! Corporate meet-up On Tuesday, we met in our midst to discuss plans for the coming weeks. Among other topics,we were discussing the new website and visual view of the CoinCasso trading platform being…

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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 31

Same as every week, we prepared a new package of exciting information for you. Check out what happened in the past 7 days and what new things we brought to the table with CoinCasso! Firstly, we held another zoom with our CEO – Luke Ozimski and Marketing Partner – Mariusz Fultyn. What’s more, we are still conducting our contest. We…

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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 30

Same as every week, we prepared a new package of exciting information for you. Check out what happened in the past 7 days at CoinCasso! Bitcoin ATMs Soon, the first bitcoin ATM will arrive! Then, we will have to customize it. Therefore, we’ve asked you which of the following bitcoin ATM you like the most. We also asked you for…

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CoinCasso Double Newsletter 28 & 29

CoinCasso Double Newsletter – Episode 28 & 29

Those weeks were full of very exciting info & news! We are happy we can boast of it in our weekly newsletter! At first, we would like to apologise for missing last week newsletter. However, during that time we were pretty busy making new business contacts and strengthen the bond with the current ones. So! Let’s start to sum up…

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newsletter xvii coincasso bitcoin exchange

CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode XXVII

Another week passed surprisingly quickly. It’s been a busy couple of days, during which we were mostly focused on preparing ourselves to Malta AIBC Summit trip. The event will take place in a few days! Furthermore, we were developing our Facebook chatbot. By way of weekly conclusion, we would like to inform that we sold almost 150 000 CCX tokens…

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