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how to withdraw ccx tokens

How to withdraw CCX tokens from coincasso.io and CCWallet Mobile App to CoinCasso 2.0 Exchange

I. From coincasso.io to CoinCasso Exchange 2.0 1) Log in to coincasso.io 2) From the left side menu choose: Money -> Withdraw -> From: CCX Wallet If you don’t have an account on coincasso.com 2.0, register here: https://app.coincasso.com/register 4) Click “Add New” and fill in the data In the CCX field fill in the CCXWallet address copied from CoinCasso.com 2.0…

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What are the benefits of freezing CCX tokens?

As CoinCasso 2.0 finally enters its beta phase, we decided to create a short article clearly explaining how freezing of CCX tokens works and what are the expected benefits of owning our tokens in the upcoming future. What are frozen CCX tokens? In short – frozen CCX tokens are tokens that the user has kept in a verified wallet for…

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how to login to coincasso 2.0

How to log in to CoinCasso 2.0 – Tutorial

1.How to register if you didn’t have an account on coincasso.com 1.0 a) Enter https://app.coincasso.com/register and fill in the form b) Accept the activation email c) Log in 1a. a. How to login to CoinCasso 2.0: a) If you had a CoinCasso 1.0 account, please visit: https://app.coincasso.com/forgot-password/ and provide an email address in the login page, click NEXT, after that…

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bitcoin fundamental analysis

Blockchain Academy – fundamental analysis!

The cryptocurrency market seems spontaneous and unpredictable only at first glance, but any movement in it can be explained by a certain cause-and-effect relationship. The analysts carry out research on these patterns and forecast trend behaviours. While technical analysis is price prediction based on its past fluctuations, fundamental analysis tries to explain first of all what is the reason for…

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Blockchain Academy – trading patterns!

In the last article from the Blockchain Academy series, we discussed the basic indicators of technical analysis – we explained what the moving average and the MACD indicator are. In this episode, we will introduce you to continuation formations of trends. So, what exactly are continuation formations? They are geometric layouts on graphs that show us a temporary break in…

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Blockchain Academy – trading indicators!

Welcome to the next episode of Blockchain Academy! In our previous article, we introduced you to the world of technical analysis, a method used by traders based on past price fluctuations. As explained, one of the essential tools in technical analysis are indices. Today, we’ll take a closer look at them and introduce some popular indices used by modern traders.…

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Blockchain Academy – Introduction to technical analysis!

In one of our previous articles from the Blockchain Academy series, we described the basic definitions related to trading: we explained – among other things – what day trading and margin trading are. To better explain how to succeed as a trader, we decided more articles were needed in order to introduce you to the world of technical analysis. Short-term…

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