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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 3

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Our holistic project is constantly evolving. What happened in the recent days? Let’s summarize!

1. We are working on our target product – CoinCasso Exchange 2.0!

With the launch of the new version of our exchange, distribution of profits between CCX holders will begin! See details on the core of our project in our Whitepaper.

2. We restored payments from!

The withdrawals from are now redirected to The limit has been increased from $500 to $1,000. Have a great experience and check out our new Explainer!

3. CoinCasso Wallet mobile app is coming!

Finally, it’s coming! We carry out the last tests of our mobile application! The app provides the option of storing funds in a secure way – private keys protected by the user. Stay tuned!

4. We appeared at the official site of PascalCoin!

In March, we have implemented PascalCoin. Check out our review and see the PascalCoin’s official site.

5. We will introduce Q&A with Luke Ozimski!

All the time we are open to your suggestions and questions, so we asked you on Facebook for an opinion on whether you would like us to conduct Q&A with our CEO. Your reaction was very positive, what makes us so happy! Follow us carefully!

6. Fake accounts – attention!

Earlier, we noticed cheaters on Telegram and wrote an article about how to protect yourself from scammers. This time we wanted to remind you to be attentive. With the growing popularity of CoinCasso, there are more and more people who want to steal your data – also via Facebook. Be careful!

7. Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is coming!

Just two weeks are left to this exceptional event! This time, the CoinCasso team will show up in a large lineup! Check out event’s official site.

8. Facebook reduces the restrictions on cryptocurrency ads

Last year, Facebook banned crypto advertisements. Now the world’s leading social media company is loosening its restrictions. Check out our article about this topic!

9. We published an article about the upcoming financial crisis!

During the last global financial crisis in 2008, there were no cryptocurrencies yet. Will the crypto world experience a new boom during the next financial crisis, which will probably come soon? Check out our article!

That’s it! CoinCasso grows in strength! Stay tuned for the next updates and follow us on social media.

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