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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 30

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Same as every week, we prepared a new package of exciting information for you. Check out what happened in the past 7 days at CoinCasso!

Bitcoin ATMs

Soon, the first bitcoin ATM will arrive! Then, we will have to customize it. Therefore, we’ve asked you which of the following bitcoin ATM you like the most.
coincasso bitomat
coincasso bitomat
coincasso bitomat
coincasso bitomat

We also asked you for your propositions.
Here we go!


We also published 2 of 6 official video tutorials:

How to register and log in on CoinCasso Exchange?

How to go through the KYC process on CoinCasso Exchange?

Other tutorials coming soon!


We held zoom meetings with our CEO – Luke Ozimski and our Marketing Partner – Mariusz Fultyn. 🎥🎙
coincasso zoom
A lot of important things were announced, among them…

Trade with Coincasso – Contest

You can find rules of the contest here.
You can win iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and many other awards. 🎁🎁🎁
Let’s play a game! 🤡
coincasso trading challenge
The contest is getting a lot of attention.
So far, 18 007 trades were made!

CoinCasso blockchain

Would you like to know why do we use blockchain technology in our system? ⛓ What is the main difference between CoinCasso Blockchain and other networks? And finally, what will you gain thanks to our implementation of the whole system? 💸💸💸

You can read characteristic of our blockchain here.

Okay, that’s it. We are looking forward to the next week!

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