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CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode XXVI

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The last week past really quickly. It is the highest time, to sum up! It was an amazing time, spent, to a large extension, on bringing up last Friday.

1. We extended the time to buy tokens for only 2,5$!

2. CoinCasso Grand Opening – photo relation

On Friday, an absolutely amazing, long-awaited event, which was CoinCasso Grand Opening took place. The prestigious opening of the official stock exchange was held on the 18th of October in the Novotel hotel. During the event, we focused on talking about functionalities, development plan and promotion. Moreover, there was an education part, during which there was a possibility to explore the variety of opportunities for investment and the following profits from it. There was short networking with all participants, after the substantive part.

Then, we moved to the Sisi restaurant, in which VIP networking was held.

CoinCasso Grand Opening - photo relation

3. We informed our users, that Euro withdraws from will be transferred to CoinCasso 2.0.

Euro withdraws from will be transferred to CoinCasso 2.0.

4. We have successfully implemented payments in PLN

CoinCasso  implemented payments in PLN

5. We were celebrating the birthday of our Marketing Partner – Mariusz Fultyn

mariusz fultyn birthday

6. We made a video tutorial – how to deposit money in PLN

You can find this short film under the following link: How to deposit PLN on Wallet on CoinCasso 2.0?

7. Reminder

withdrawals from 1.0 will be turned off


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    Hi there,
    Love this articles. Please Check us at Biisummit. The Biggest Blockchain event held on 20th November 2019, Dubai

    • CoinCasso
      Posted October 30, 2019 7:41 am 0Likes

      Thank you so much! We’ll check your Summit πŸ™‚

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