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01. main assumption

CoinCasso Exchange Platform

The exchange platform is registered and licensed in Estonia, currently as the first version of the entire project. All new CCX holders will be the first users of this platform. The service at the initial stage will give you the opportunity to exchange up to 10 cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as the possibility of exchanging up to three FIAT currencies.

CCX holders will have the biggest influence on the introduction of new currencies and innovations. Our intention is to create a community with which we will share 80% of our profits.

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02. safety

Security And Flow

Our platform offers fast and secure experience in exchanging and transactions in cryptocurrency and FIAT currencies. We have introduced many security features that allow you to safely use the site. At the same time, we maintain standards of quick and easy service. However, we must also respect the standards and requirements of the countries and states in which we serve our clients.

Because of the rules are certain restrictions for some countries, so the service may not be available everywhere. The encryption of the browser page is covered by the SSL certificate of extended validation - one of the highest standards available on the market.

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03. procedures

KYC (Know Your Consumer)

Registration itself requires an email address, password and mobile phone number for initial verification.

Each client will have to undergo an identity verification process that will allow him to increase the withdrawal limits, and also allow us to ensure the safety and procedures required by law. Our 24-hour technical support will check all candidates within one day, and in some cases no more than 3 days.

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04. functionality

Quick Buy & Sell

This service gives the possibility of an immediate exchange of cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies. Then it will be connected to our API interface, which will also facilitate the exchange and processing of transactions with buyers and our ATM network.

It will also be the most friendly exchange environment for beginners.

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05. perspectives

What is the chance for CoinCasso Exchange success?

The cryptocurrency market is a young, rapidly growing infrastructure characterized by high exchange rate fluctuations. Considering the complexity of the CoinCasso Exchange Token project and the very attractive benefits of participating in it, we can confidently predict that this project will quickly become popular.

Currently, on the cryptocurrency market, innovative solutions count for solving the problems of average users.
CoinCasso is not just another cryptocurrency exchange, it is a breakthrough in the market!