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02. overview

Who are we?

CoinCasso Group - including the Estonian, licensed cryptocurrency exchange CoinCasso Exchange creates unique solutions supporting the exchange of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the entire project will also cover, inter alia, the ATM-BTC network. Its launch is planned for the second half of 2019. We also intend to implement mobile applications as well as PC and POS solutions related to the entire infrastructure.

Our team consists of the group of the most experienced specialists, advisers and freelancers from 4 continents in the world, from countries such as Australia, Belgium, China, Japan, India, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Romania and even the USA.

03. Roadmap

Implementation Sheet

Schedule of infrastructure development of the cryptocurrency exchange
CoinCasso Exchange and platforms related to the CoinCasso Group.

Exchange Development Start
May 2017
Company Cryptocurrency License Issued
August 2018
CCX Token Creation
September 2018
CoinCasso Exchange Beta Open To Member
November 2018
The End Pre-Sale Phase of CCX Token, The company sold of 5m tokens
January 2019
CoinCasso Exchange 2.0 Upgrade
May 2019
Profit Rewards for CCX holders
June 2019
First ATM Network Run
October 2019
Next Stage Whitepaper And Roadmap Open To Public
January 2020
iphone cryptocurrency stock market app
04. Mobile App

Mobile App Coming Soon

A breakthrough application, fully integrated with our exchange platform and
ATM network, operating on all popular mobile devices. Using exchanges and cryptocurrencies has never been easier. Discover our new CoinCasso mobile
application and get access to your funds.

05. organization


We are proud of our great team.
Our members are motivated and enthusiastic.

luke ozimski

Luke Ozimski

Co-Founder, CEO
marek ozimski

Marek Ozimski

tomasz nyiko

Tomasz Nyikó

Marketing Advice
zbigniew zygadlo

Zbigniew Zygadło

Marketing Advice

Julia Sorokivska

Public Relations Specialist (Try Codnet)

Grzegorz Bochniak

Content Manager (Try Codnet)

Konrad Faltyn

Project Manager (Try Codnet)

Maksymilian Plociennik

Inbound Marketing Manager (Try Codnet)

Nikita Gimon

Support Manager (Try Codnet)

Bogdan Sinicki

Project Manager (Try Codnet)
06. Community

Growing Global

One of our missions is to create a large society around cryptocurrencies around
the world by providing innovative solutions based on blockchain technology.
We believe that with your help, we will create a better future in the services
related to the stock exchange and cash transfer.

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07. stats

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